Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center pic

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

An experienced auto restoration professional, Colton Amster has owned and operated Redline Restorations in Bridgeport, Connecticut, since 2003. Outside of work, Colton Amster gives back to his community by supporting several local groups, including the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Founded in 1996, the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is now celebrating two decades of providing comprehensive health care to children and adolescents with a variety conditions. As part of its 20th anniversary celebration, the not-for-profit medical center is inviting current and former employees, patients, and families to share their experiences at the center on the Connecticut Children’s website.

The site currently features stories from several employees and patients, including Alexa, a 24-year-old who received treatments for an aggressive form of cancer at the center from age three to 18. In addition to patient and employee stories, the Connecticut Children’s website features a five-minute anniversary video and an online store selling 20th anniversary shirts, jackets, and bags.

Those who would like to share their stories via social media can do so using the hashtag #ctchildrensturns20. Additional details can be found at


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