The Autoped – Pioneering New York City-Built Motorized Scooter

Autoped Image:



Based in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Colton Amster leads Redline Restorations and emphasizes concours-quality workmanship in undertaking restorations of diverse vintage vehicles. Colton Amster recently featured a unique, rare vehicle, the Eveready Autoped, on the company’s Facebook page.

The first motorized scooter model ever created, the Autoped also stands as the only motorcycle built in New York City. Manufactured from 1915 to 1921, the 155 cc Autoped was popular among people wanting to traverse U.S. and European urban grids efficiently. It was also adopted by organizations such as the U.S. Post Office to provide lightweight mobility for remote employees.

Featuring a 4-cycle engine, the scooter initially had a 6-volt lighting generator that was used to power its ignition and lighting. This was later replaced by a set of four dry-cell batteries and ignition coil connected to a right-mounted ignition switch. Today, a 1918 Autoped stands in the Smithsonian Collection and highlights a unique moment in U.S. automotive history.


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