The Easy Breathing Program

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center pic

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

Colton Amster, the owner of Redline Restorations, is responsible for daily operations and project management at the motor vehicle restoration facility. Moreover, Colton Amster has made donations to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, which runs the Easy Breathing Program.

The Easy Breathing program was established to assist pediatric care providers, parents, and patients with the effective management of asthma. Its goals include improving patients’ overall health and reducing their medical expenditure. The program achieves these goals by offering participants an evidence-based approach to the recognition, classification, and treatment of asthma.

One eighth of children in Connecticut have asthma. However, many of them experience underdiagnosis or undertreatment. Since its inception, the program has made possible the screening of over 125,000 people, of whom it has diagnosed 35,000 and put them on asthma treatment. Moreover, there have been decreases in asthma-related outpatient visits, emergency room visits, and hospitalization. These have resulted in cost savings for children’s Medicaid.


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