Redline Restorations Teams up With Make-a-Wish for a Special Project

Redline Restorations pic

Redline Restorations

Colton Amster owns Redline Restorations in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where he and his team restore rare vehicles with concours-quality craftsmanship. Redline and Colton Amster often participate in local fundraisers and charity events to support the Connecticut community.

In early 2016, Redline Restorations and the Make-a-Wish Foundation came together to make a Connecticut teen’s dream come true. The young man, who lives with a potentially fatal kidney disorder, had been a car lover for his entire life. He wished to have his Ford F-250 restored, and Redline came through for him. The teen was speechless, and extremely grateful for the special gift.

This was not the first time the Make-a-Wish Foundation had granted a vehicle-related wish. In 2013, an aspiring firefighter wanted his Ford Ranger to be equipped with firefighting gear. A local dealership fit the 17-year-old’s truck with emergency lights and other gear, giving him a rig suitable for a volunteer firefighter.


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