Connecticut-based Otolaryngologist Conducts Breakthrough Research

Dr. Tulio A. Valdez pic

Dr. Tulio A. Valdez

Colton Amster heads Redline Restorations, a world-class automotive restoration facility based in Bridgeport, Connecticut. A supporter of various charitable organizations, Colton Amster has donated to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

A nationally recognized not-for-profit institution, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is a 187-bed children’s hospital which also serves as the primary training hospital for the University of Connecticut School of Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics. Apart from providing excellent medical service, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center also contributes to the medical profession by conducting breakthrough research on pediatrics.

Recently, a physician from the hospital’s Division of Otolaryngology has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Tulio A. Valdez conducted research that pertains to the use of shortwave infrared in the treatment of middle ear infections in children. This new technology is a new prototype of the otoscope, a non-invasive ear inspection tool which creates images of the underlying middle ear anatomy. Moreover, it enhances the contrast of middle ear fluid, an essential factor in the diagnosis of middle ear infections, thereby improving the way the condition is treated.


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