The REACH Program at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

REACH Program pic

REACH Program

An automotive restoration professional based in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Colton Amster owns and operates Redline Restorations. In the philanthropic sector, Colton Amster regularly donates to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

A 187-bed nonprofit children’s hospital located in Hartford, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center sponsors numerous initiatives aimed at improving health services for children. Available to pediatric resident physicians, the Resident Education in Advocacy and Community Health (REACH) program uses public policy and system reform as tools in its fight for quality pediatric health access.

Participants in the REACH program work with population health and policy experts in the community, understanding community needs and developing plans to address those needs. Residents learn about children’s health advocacy via completion of mini-fellowships in policy or community health projects.

In recent years, residents in the REACH program have developed daily health habit passports to help physicians give quality preventive care. Residents also teach children about physical activity, nutrition, and other healthy lifestyle elements.


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